Junior Etiquette Course JEC

As parents and caregivers, helping our children develop social skills, including how to interact politely in everyday situations, is one of the most critical responsibilities.

JEC will train children (boys & girls) with an age range of 6 to 10, the importance of using social manners. This is also a straightforward way to instill the values of kindness and respect—which the world needs now more than ever. The key is to start early and be consistent. JEC is fun, informative, and motivational. We use cooperative games, role plays, discussions, team activities, and object lessons to train the participants.

The course consists of three major elements:

  1. Etiquette of appearance

  2. Etiquette of Speech

  3. Etiquette of Behaviour

  • Course details:

  1. Etiquette of appearance:

₋ Clothing (Choosing/matching colors).

₋ Personal hygiene etiquette

₋ Hair etiquette.

   2. Etiquette of Speech:

₋ Criteria of voice tone and the acceptable voice tone exercise

₋ Etiquette of choosing subjects and conversation.

₋ Training on the proper way to address people

₋ Etiquette of secrets

₋ Etiquette of Apologising

    3. Etiquette of Behaviour:

₋ Handshaking and greetings, “when, where, and how.”

₋ Etiquette of personal space “personal space exercise.”

₋ Etiquette of using Mobile and tech. devices

₋ Etiquette of seating

₋ Etiquette of table manners

₋ Etiquette of handling tableware

₋ Table and eating manners

₋ Table Etiquette

* The course will be in one day for 6 hours including a 5-star buffet. 



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